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Golf Car & Utility Vehicles

Featured Product

Our engineering expertise and market experience continue to pay off for Kinetek customers in the fast-growing realm of electric vehicles. Kinetek provides motors for virtually anything that uses a DC battery, ranging all the way from lift trucks to golf cars.

Kinetek electric vehicle customers have come to rely on our motors and gearing systems to provide the power for their vehicles. Kinetek is the world's leading manufacturer of 'separately excited' motors, which we've designed and constructed to assure superior performance and efficiency.

Kinetek products designed to serve this market include:

  • DC Wound Field Motors
  • Single Wheel Drives
  • Transaxle Drive Systems
  • Motor Speed Controllers
  • High-frequency Battery Chargers
  • Permanent Magnet DC Motors
  • Hydraulic Pump-Motor Systems
  • Low Voltage AC Motors
  • Motor-Drive Systems

Working closely with our customers on future projects that have relatively long lead times gives Kinetek the ability to introduce new products which are truly unique and highly valuable in a variety of applications.

Our latest developments for the electric vehicle market include the T523 Transaxle and a complete series of Chassisdrive products. They are designed to fit various sized vehicles, capable of delivering horsepower equal to that of much larger competing products. The result is superior flexibility and virtually endless applications in electric vehicles from single person go carts and material handling applications to aircraft and boat utility tugs.

Key Applications:

  • Golf cars
  • Neighborhood electric vehicles
  • Utility vehicles: airport, mining, ATVs
  • Electric boats
  • Electric bikes